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Clay allows a creative and emotional reaction to what is seen, responded to and imagined. An idea is formed, but the very nature of the material can dictate changes, and the artist must be prepared to be flexible. It is this that adds to the excitement and uniqueness of each individual piece of work.

Over the years I have concentrated on creaitng my own style of smoke fired ceramics, trying to keep an honest association with, not only my roots, but with this ceramic technique, but taking it into the twenty-first century.

The excitement of every stage from creating, hand building and firing, remains a constant surprise as to what can be achieved as nature takes its own course. Recently I have concentrated on using a few underglazes, horsehair, tape and additions of metallics, beads and pebbles, with some interesting results.

Each idea and firing throw up its own character, adding more interest to its own uniqueness. There is so much more to explore.

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Write: Juliet A Gorman. 103 Highfields Road, Caldecote, Cambridge CB23 7NX
Telephone: 01954 210921 Mobile: 07742 628716
Email: jagorman1@outlook.com