Juliet A Gorman

Over the years I have concentrated on creating my own style of smoke fired ceramics, trying to keep an honest association with, not only my roots and this particular ceramic technique, but taking it into the twenty-first century.

Clay is a very versatile medium which allows for creativity. Once an idea has formed, the making begins, but the very nature of the material, old and new, can dictate changes and the artist must be prepared to be flexible. It is this that adds to the fascination, excitement and development of creating an unique, and individual piece of work.

The excitement of each stage, from forming an idea, hand building, textures, colour to firing, remains a constant surprise. After a low firing, additional marks are made. This can take the form of using horsehair, tape and other combustible materials before it is smoke fired. Paint, wire, beads and other textures are added after this final firing. This can produce some interesting results. Several firings can occur as various layers of colour and texture are added. After fnal firing, the piece is polished with wax, and it is then that the results can be appreciated.

Each finished piece has its own character and often leads to further experimentation.

If you wish to contact me, please use either of the following:
Email: jagorman1@outlook.com
Phone: 07742 628716